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A comprehensive analysis of the CVD growth of boron nitride nanotubes

Sources:nanopure | Release date: 2020-08-21 | Browsing volume:
Key words:A comprehensive analysis of the CVD growth of boron nitride nanotubes

Boron nitride nanotube (BNNT) films were grown on silicon/silicon dioxide (Si/SiO(2)) substrates by a catalytic chemical vapor deposition (CVD) method in a horizontal electric furnace. The effects of growth temperature and catalyst concentration on the morphology of the films and the structure of individual BNNTs were systematically investigated. The BNNT films grown at 1200 and 1300 degrees C consisted of a homogeneous dispersion of separate tubes in random directions with average outer diameters of ~30 and ~60 nm, respectively. Meanwhile, the films grown at 1400 degrees C comprised of BNNT bundles in a flower-like morphology, which included thick tubes with average diameters of ~100 nm surrounded by very thin ones with diameters down to ~10 nm. In addition, low catalyst concentration led to the formation of BNNT films composed of entangled curly tubes, while high catalyst content resulted in very thick tubes with diameters up to ~350 nm in a semierect flower-like morphology. Extensive transmission electron microscopy (TEM) investigations revealed the diameter-dependent growth mechanisms for BNNTs; namely, thin and thick tubes with closed ends grew by base-growth and tip-growth mechanisms, respectively. However, high catalyst concentration motivated the formation of filled-with-catalyst BNNTs, which grew open-ended with a base-growth mechanism.

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